4 First Games
Toys - Ages 4+

By: Ravensburger


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Tasty Bones: Try to collect the most bones to feed the doggies, but you must first roll the number that gets you out of the dog bed
King of the Castle: Discover the creatures and animals living around the castle Sometimes they help you move forwards, but sometimes they may also move you back Hurry to be the first one to reach the castle
The Bird's Nest: By the roll of the die, get your bird to its nest by moving back and forth If you are lucky, you might even get there on your first try
Garden Party: Whoever grows the most beautiful blossoms in their flower bed first wins the game
Contents: 2 playing boards (each printed on both sides), 20 colored blossoms, 24 picture cards, 6 playing pieces, 1 colored die
  • 4 First Games
  • Ages 3 to 5