Anne of Green Gables-Box Set (3 Books)
Books - Ages 10-12

By: Tundra Books


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For more than a century, these classic novels have been enchanting readers young and old. Now, the first three books in the Anne of Green Gables series are brought together in this special collector’s edition box set. Here we can follow all the early adventures of the feisty redhead with the boundless imagination—from her arrival at Green Gables through her days as the teacher at Avonlea school to her university years in nearby Nova Scotia and her first steps toward building a life of her own. Travel back to a simpler, more tranquil time and remind yourself why Mark Twain dubbed Anne “the dearest and most moving and delightful child since the immortal Alice.”
  • by L.m. Montgomery
  • Harcover
  • 3 books
  • Ages 9-12
  • 9781770498754
  • Tundra Books