Fluffy Hamster Twins
Toys - Ages 4+

By: Calico Critters


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These rambunctious little twins are going to keep you on your toes! Christine and Neil are like most toddlers--they will just go and go and go and go and then suddenly they'll fall asleep in whatever corner right in the middle of building, climbing, or crawling! They're insatiably curious, and they love their favorite foods so much they would eat them at every meal. Like a good parent, though, you know that if they ate their favorites three times every day, they would soon get tired of them, so you'll have to make sure they eat other things, too. Neil's favorite is strawberries with whipped cream, and Christine just loves popping fluffy kernels of popcorn in her mouth, then licking her fingers clean! You might find Neil taking six or seven naps a day--once in the coat closet, again behind the couch, then later curled up in the kitchen window seat... But Christine is all over the house, playing first with her trains in the closet, and then with her astronauts behind the couch, and later sticking her Colorforms to the kitchen window. She's so active, you might not notice Neil curled up happily snoozing right by her side!
  • Hamster Twins
  • Ages 3 and up