Little Box of Wizard Tricks: Over 80 Tricks to Amaze Your Friends
Toys - Ages 8+

By: Barrons


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Props galore include a black magic bag containing disappearing balls, a sorcerer's ring, colored ropes and cups for special illusions, a set of divination discs for performing mental tricks, and a pack of cards for magic card tricks. To get neophyte wizards started, the box includes a set of eight miniature instruction books:
Tricks for New Wizards--easy tricks for beginners
Wizard Illusions--tricks for making objects disappear and reappear
Wizard Puzzles--riddles and word games on mysterious subjects
Wizard Challenges --tricks that challenge and amaze friends
Wizard Numbers--simple but amazing tricks with mathematics
Wizard Science--employing scientific principles to make magic
Wizard Workshop--using this box's props to perform great tricks
Tricks for Master Wizards--instructions for performing advanced magic
Kids will have hours of fun honing their magic skills and performing tricks to entertain and amaze friends and family.
  • Tricks
  • Ages 8 and up