• $36.99

Whac-a-Mole is a completely absurd game, but so much fun, with lights and sounds, and to be played alone or in pairs!

The principle is simple: hit the moles that light up!

If you're playing alone, tap all the moles that light up. Keep a close eye on the middle mole, as it earns bonus points. When the time is up, your score will be displayed on the game unit. You just have to start over to improve your score.
If you're playing two, each player watches only moles of their color, and if the middle mole lights up in their color, they hit it! When the time is up, find out which gaming unit won.

This speed game is easy to play and develops concentration and hand-eye coordination. Chass’taupes is an ideal gift to keep children from 4 years old occupied, especially if they like colorful and funny characters and action games.

Works with 3 AA batteries (included).

4+ years