Kerplunk - Fast Fun! Collection

  • $9.99

KerPlunk™ is a family favorite, and now you can have an even faster version of this classic game! KerPlunk™ game is smaller than the original and has shorter and simpler game play, so the action is intense! This game of skill and touch is so easy to learn and fun to play that kids will love it. The goal is to not let any marbles fall down the tube during your turn. Create a web of colored sticks across the tube, and place the marbles inside the tower. Then roll the die and take turns removing one stick at a time—whichever color stick the die indicates. Be careful because one false move will cause marbles to fall and then you have to add them to your pile! The player to drop the fewest marbles wins! There's no reading required to play, so the Fast Fun™ KerPlunk™ Game is perfect for younger kids. Includes: tube, 21 sticks, 24 marbles, a special die, and instructions 5+ years / 2-4 players