Paint-Your-Own Window Birdhouse

  • $22.99

The whole family will enjoy watching as a feathered family moves into this cozy wooden birdhouse—that you paint! The clear back panel allows watchers to observe the inside of the house as mommy and daddy bird build a nest and care for their babies. After you paint it, the house easily mounts to a window with the top chain and suction cups. At night, put up the privacy screen so the birds can sleep! Includes solid wood house (approx. 5"W x 6½"D x 7½"H), one-way mirror film, privacy screen and small suction cup, two large suction cups, four pots of paint, and brush. Paint-your-own wooden birdhouse Clear back panel allows watchers to look inside Suction cups and chain make installation easy One-way mirror film and hanging screen give birds their privacy Includes house, mirror film, privacy screen, 3 suction cups, 4 pots of paint, and brush