Stanley Jr. - Toolbox Set 20 pieces

  • $28.99

A toolbox with everything you need to be a good handyman! Includes : a toy hammer, saw, screwdriver, wrench, nose plier, square ruler, 4 plastic screws, 4 plastic washers, 3 plastic nails, 2 plastic planks and a sturdy toolbox to store all the tools in or carry around while playing. There is an abundance of space for your child to store all his or her workman tools after play. The handle is sturdy and very durable. This allows your child to easily carry the toy around and also allows you to move it easily when you need to clean around it. Help your child learn to stay organized after each playing session. Make it a routine for him or her to store the playing items in the STANLEY Jr toolbox each time. All our toys are safe for use and kids can use these tools without any unnecessary observation as the tools cause no harm since they are made of high quality and durable material. 5+ years