Tiny Robots!

Tiny Robots!

  • $24.99

Welcome to the itty-bity robotic engineering lab. Your Tiny Robots set comes with teensy tools to make miniature mechanised minions. You'll build wee walkers, tiny dancers, and many more. As you create, you'll learn all about mechanisms, inside machines, that make our world go round.

Children are only limited by their imaginations with 15 suggested motorised builds to ignite their ideas. Although, tiny minions march, this kit includes an Enormous Engineering Foldout poster.

The kit contains 26 pieces, including long and short ring axles, axle with small gear,crown gear, elbows,legs, small wheels, fixed wheels, free wheel, front wheel, arms with grippers, centre roller, short gear assembly and long gear assembly

A robot is a machine, but not everyone agrees about which machines are robots and which aren't. Here's a list of some robot features. If a machine has most or all of them, you can be pretty sure it's a robot.