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This positively massive Kaprosuchus figurine highly resembles the Nile Crocodile of today (as does its original counterpart); with incredibly life-like caniniform teeth sculpted on both its upper and lower jaws. Complete with countless heavy scales and multiple rows of osteoderms, it doesn't take much to imagine just how deadly this vicious reptile was in real life - its powerful tail, beady eyes, and menacing teeth say it all!


• Considering that it was a prehistoric predator, the Kaprosuchus was surprisingly small, typically measuring in at a size close to that of a saltwater crocodile. Even its skull was only a mere 60cm long.

• Unlike modern crocodilians, the Kaprosuchus walked with straight legs to save energy and to make walking easier, seeing as it was a primarily terrestrial creature.

• While lesser known, the Kaprosuchus is not foreign to popular culture. It was featured in two episodes of Primeval - although it was depicted with tusks growing out of the sides of its mouth and being able to swim in water during the winter- which would have killed or severely weakened a cold-blooded animal.