Pyrenees Bear 5"

  • $12.99

A Pyrenees Brown Bear figurine from the Papo wildlife collection. Stands 5" long, 3" tall,1.5" wide.

The Brown bear is an omnivorous mammal. Scientists have classified it as a carnivore, although it is 70% vegetarian, because it has canines large enough to catch an animal the size of a deer. 

It reaches its adult size at around 10 years old. Its weight and size vary depending on the region, the individual and even the season. The males can weigh anything from 80 kg to 200 kg, while the females reach 60 to 150 kg ; the measure 1.5 to 2 m in length, with a height of 0.8 to 1 m at the shoulders. Much smaller than the American grizzly bear, which can weigh up to 700 kg and measure up to 2.70 m upright