A Night in Fernwood Forest

A Night in Fernwood Forest

  • $21.95

Come with us for a walk along a secluded forest trail on a quiet night in May. We catch glimpses of ten animals as they move about in their woodland home from dusk until dawn. A mother cougar and her cub, a colony of bats, and a family of shrews are among the nighttime creatures we encounter. Beautiful full-page illustrations also depict many plants that live in this ecosystem. Information at the back of the book provides facts about nurse logs and the Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest.

A Night in Fernwood Forest is part of the By Day and By Night Nature Series. Books in this series focus on a specific habitat and explore the many connections within a healthy ecosystem. Through lyrical stories, supportive illustrations, labelled diagrams, and nature notes, readers learn about living and non-living parts of the ecosystem.

Additionally, readers can:

  • use a picture clue on each page to predict the animal featured on the next page
  • count animals as their numbers increase in each illustration
  • search for an animal that travels from page to page
  • discover patterns in the text and structure of each book
  • track the movement of the sun or moon across the sky