Amazing Oceans: The Surprising World of Our Incredible Seas

Amazing Oceans: The Surprising World of Our Incredible Seas

  • $33.99

Go on an underwater adventure in this detailed look at our oceans’ most fascinating places, plants and animals.

This fascinating book will take children beyond the seaweed, sharks, and shells that you have seen many times before, and show you the secret world that lies in and around our amazing oceans. 

This ocean book for children aged 7-9 delves into facts about our marine environments that most people don’t know. Dive into the deepest sea trench ever discovered, marvel at immortal anemones, and learn how devastating water tornadoes form. Kids can ponder at a whole range of topics, from unique ocean habitats, newly-discovered creatures, marine mysteries, and the exciting world of ocean exploration.

This educational ocean book for kids offers:

  • Enticing information on the most incredible ocean features, explaining how they work, why they are unusual, and what is amazing about them.
  • Detailed diagrams, maps and charts that bring the beauty, science or geography of each topic to life.
  • Spectacular photography, including incredible satellite images and mind-boggling microscope photos, to maximize the impact of each topic.

Have you ever wondered how big the oceans actually are? Or how animals communicate in the water? Or how plants are able to grow in the sea? This book answers those questions, and many, many more. 

Amazing Oceans is the ideal book for inquisitive kids aged 7 and above, and especially those with a passion for wildlife, science, or geography. With in-depth information, vivid photographs and illustrations, children can get to know the most incredible environments on Earth