Baby Dinosaur Under the Sea

Baby Dinosaur Under the Sea

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Join Baby Dinosaur on her first swimming adventure as she discovers that everyone can succeed in their own way.

DK invites you on a fun-filled journey with the lovable Baby Dinosaur, a thrill-seeking explorer with a heart of gold, as she sets out on an underwater adventure.

Baby Stegosaurus loves a challenge – even one that seems impossible. And on a sunny day at the beach, she has her mind set on learning how to swim! Luckily, she has the best kind of pals to help her out. But when she finds that she can’t swim like the seahorse or the dolphin, and definitely not like the octopus, she fears this might be the end of her dream…

A heart-warming story for kids to enjoy, Baby Dinosaur Under the Sea features:

- 14 simple pages within a chunky and easy-to-hold board book.
- Beautiful illustrations bringing all the key characters to life.
- Rhyming text and important vocabulary words to encourage early learning.
- Heart-warming storylines with a strong underlying message. 

Proving the perfect story book for early learners, Baby Dinosaur Under the Sea develops early reading, builds social skills, and gently reminds every child that they can achieve things, but they might do so in a different way to others. Celebrate your child’s curiosity with this baby book that teaches little ones persistence, and embracing differences by showing that everyone has their own unique, but equally brilliant way of doing things.

Perfect for parents and children to read together, whether as a bedtime story or a read aloud with friends, this Baby Dinosaur book is sure to delight. 

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery.

So why stop there?

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