Beanie Bellies: Ranger - Dog - 8"

Beanie Bellies: Ranger - Dog - 8"

  • $7.99

Ranger is a dark brown dog with a white muzzle and belly. He has glittery, blue button eyes surrounded by lighter brown and a dark brown nose. He has light brown front legs and has dark brown paw pads on each of his feet.


June 11


On your desk you’ll find a pen,
Time to do homework again.
Once you’re done then it’s time to play.
The perfect way to end the day.


  • Made with super soft brown and white fabric
  • Sparkly blue glitter eyes
  • A charming dog
  • Uniquely shaped, sitting in an attentive pose
  • Paws that reach out to hug you
  • Ready for snapshots on your next adventure
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only