Big and Small: Amphibians

Big and Small: Amphibians

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Did you ever wonder which animals are the biggest… and the smallest?

Amphibians can be found in all shapes and sizes! Did you know there is a frog that’s the size of a fly? Or, that a Chinese giant salamander is as large as an adult human? What do these animals look like and where are they found? Look inside to discover which of the ten amphibians in this book are very small and which ones are really big!


Kids can’t get enough animal facts! Starting with the smallest animal in each group — amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles — readers will want to read to the end as the ten animals listed get bigger and bigger. All the books in this brand-new series brim with colorful photographs and fascinating facts about the featured animals´ body, diet, and habitat. Short blocks of text entertain and explain why some animals are very small while others are really big!