Black Beach:  A Community, and Oil Spill, and the Origin of Earth Day

Black Beach: A Community, and Oil Spill, and the Origin of Earth Day

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This true story of the first Earth Day - told through the eyes of a fictional child - will inspire readers of all ages to stand up for their planet.

"[A] credible fictional narrative that draws children into what becomes an origin story for Earth Day and the birth of a movement." - Booklist, Starred Review

"A beautiful and motivating way to look into the makings of the very first Earth Day. Black Beach shows how far we've come and still how much work we have left to do." -Dave Matthews, Musician and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

"[A] perceptive view of a major milestone in the environmental movement. . . . this story offers a template for the sort of internal sea change required to spark real concern for environmental - or any other - issues." -Kirkus Reviews

Twenty million people across the country made their voices heard on the first Earth Day.

Some came out to celebrate the environment, while others protested and demanded change.

A movement was born.

In 1969, Union Oil caused an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara that would change the world. Hazardous crude oil from the blowout flooded the Pacific Ocean, harming wildlife and devastating habitats. But from this ecological disaster sprang a new wave of environmental activism that continues to this [more...]