Brain Games: Experiments

Brain Games: Experiments

  • $17.99

Trick your senses and test your noodling skills with mind-blowing experiments in this fascinating, kid-friendly book based on the hit National Geographic TV show Brain Games!

Can you outsmart your brilliant brain? You may be surprised by what it can—and can’t—do. In this awesome interactive book you’ll discover what makes your mind tick. Explore the secrets behind smell, taste, touch, and vision. Find out how to trick your friends into thinking they taste something they don’t. Then turn the tables as you try to outsmart your own brain. Put your own mental powers to the test with tricky quizzes, optical illusions, and more. Learn about phantom sensations as you make your brain think your nose is six feet long! Each kid-friendly experiment is paired with step-by-step instructions, vibrant photography, and intriguing explanations of the neuroscience at work.

Mind-blowing topics include:
* Senses: Test your powers of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.
* Brain and Body: Explore how your mind knows where your body is, how to play brain games with your friends, and secrets behind superhero super poses.
* Thinking: Challenge your memory, strength of the hive mind, puzzle power, mind-reading abilities, and concentration.
* Reactions: Put your reflexes to work to catch, dodge, check snap judgments, and more.

Perfect for fans of National Geographic Channel’s award-winning Brain Games series who want to get in on the fun at home!

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