Can't Get Enough Cat Stuff

Can't Get Enough Cat Stuff

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The purr-fect combination of facts, stories, photos, and fun stuff all about one of the world's cuddliest critters—CATS!

Cats are popular pets all over the world. They are expert hunters, super snugglers, and are even thought by some to be a sign of good luck! Cats love to pounce, play, and stalk their prey just like their big cat ancestors. But did you know that they’ve adapted some of their behavior, including how adult cats meow just for us humans? Come along and learn more about a wide variety of feline friends, all with their own unique behavior—from the water-loving Bengal cats to the super fluffy, expert climber Somali cats.

For animal lovers who are absolutely obsessed with everything cats, this book has it all: mind-blowing facts; tons of breeds; superfun games; hands-on activities; hilarious cat jokes; and fascinating research, such as how cats manage to (almost) always land on their feet.

Key features include:

  • Feline superlatives, like the biggest, fastest, most playful, and most colorful cats
  • Articles on surprising cat research and hands-on accounts from experts
  • More than 250 stunning photographs
  • Hilarious cat jokes
  • Detailed diagrams and infographics
  • Hands-on activities you can try at home
  • Quizzes and games to test your knowledge