Cuddlekins Eagle Ray

Cuddlekins Eagle Ray

  • $29.99

This Eagle Ray soft toy is perfect for aquatic adventures.  Blue with small white circles and smooth white fur underbelly, this Eagle Ray from the Cuddlekins range of toys by Wild Republic will make a great cuddly friend that won't sting.

  • Made in China, All new materials
  • Surface Washable
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Measures 22"/55 cm head to end of tail and 22'/55cm in wing span

Wild Republic are an awesome company to work with, not only do they make quality affordable stuffed animals like this one, they are closely linked with many charitable foundations worldwide dealing with not only abandoned animals in shelters, but in the housing, education and protection of kids who are less fortunate than you and I. Money from every sale of the Wild Republic stuffed animals, helps all of these causes. We are grateful that with your purchase, we are both helping Wild Republic support these initiatives.


A Spotted Eagle Ray's pattern is unique to each individual, just like a fingerprint.

Specially designed to look like the real thing and feel like a great big hug, Cuddlekins are incredibly soft and irresistibly squeezable.

  • Eco Friendly
  • Surface washable
  • Size: 15" / 40cm