Hooded Cobra  - 54" Plush Snake

Hooded Cobra - 54" Plush Snake

  • $24.99

  • Created from high quality materials, this plush toy has a cuddly appearance and satisfying feel. Because of this, it is suitable for children of all ages and adults
  • A perfect product to introduce children to the world of Cobras. With this lovingly designed cuddly toy you arouse interest in the way how snakes live.
  • The plush animal can be wiped off superficially with a sponge and a mild soap to remove stains!
  • The plush animal is realistically designed. Therefore, children can learn something about the life value of snakes in a playful way.
  • A plush toy wouldn’t be complete without endless snuggling, and this is the perfect size at 137 cm long. So you can take it to your friends or show your soft toy the world while travelling
  • The plushy toy comes with a hangtag about informations how the animal is living