DK Wonders of Wildlife: Odd Animals Out

DK Wonders of Wildlife: Odd Animals Out

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A book all about animals that stand out, discover more than 75 creatures that truly stand out from the crowd, with the nature enthusiast and best-selling author Ben Hoare

Most types of animals are similar to their close relatives, but what about the rebels and the rule-breakers of the animal kingdom? 

Nature enthusiasts aged 7-9 will love getting acquainted with quirky animal outliers around the world, and find out what these non-conformists do to survive in the wild, and how they have evolved over time. Odd Animals Out is a book full of surprises, allowing you to explore the unusual stories of animals unlike any others.

This animal kingdom book for children features:

- Impressive photographs and illustrations on every page, with bite-sized text explaining each animal feature.
- The most recent scientific discoveries in the animal kingdom, written in an accessible way for children to understand.
- A variety of interesting facts about previously unknown animal behaviors that will wow both children and adults.
- An engaging animal book by bestselling author and science writer Ben Hoare.

From a vegetarian shark and a solar-powered salamander to a flying frog and a bone-munching bird, this book is all about the "odd ones out" in the natural world. Presenting these recent discoveries, Ben Hoare's friendly, informative explanations are paired with striking photographs and bright illustrations to make sure every page captivates the imagination.