Duck Duck Taco Truck

Duck Duck Taco Truck

  • $24.99

It's a summer showdown at the beach as two taco slinging ducks see their turf taken over by an enterprising goose. This rollicking, rhyming, beachy read-aloud is sure to bring on lots of giggles.

"Duck. Duck. Taco truck. Working hard to make a buck."

Two food trucks staffed by sworn enemies: ducks vs. geese. Before you can say "curly fries", these two rivals are in an epic food truck face-off. "Battle on! At dawn, we ride!"

But soon, Goose becomes overwhelmed by hangry crowds. He sure could use some extra wings to help out! Will these foes find a solution and become feathered friends?

This clever, high-energy, taco tale, packed with bright art featuring kids' favorite foods, shows young readers how cooperation and teamwork can overcome conflict. It's a superbly silly summer story, the perfect pick for taco and truck fans.