Fernwood Forest

Fernwood Forest

  • $21.95

Join us on a bright, sunlit day in the middle of May as we wander the quiet trails of a secluded woodland. Here, we catch glimpses of the daily activities of many creatures—from a pair of black-tailed deer to a colony of carpenter ants—that make Fernwood Forest their home. We also learn about the three layers of the Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest and explore interesting facts about forest plants and animals.

Fernwood Forest is part of the By Day and By Night Nature Series. Books in this series focus on a specific habitat and explore the many connections within a healthy ecosystem. Through lyrical stories, supportive illustrations, labelled diagrams, and nature notes, readers learn about living and non-living parts of the ecosystem.

Additionally, readers can:

  • use a picture clue on each page to predict the animal featured on the next page

  • count animals as their numbers increase in each illustration

  • search for an animal that travels from page to page

  • discover patterns in the text and structure of each book

  • track the movement of the sun or moon across the sky