Fluffle Bunnies #1: Buns Gone Bad

Fluffle Bunnies #1: Buns Gone Bad

  • $13.99

For fans of The Bad Guys series, this is the origin story of the terrifying group known as The Fluffle: three bad-bunny kingpins. A brand-new graphic novel chapter book series for ages 6 to 9.

This story starts, as stories often do, with a tragedy.

Three bunnies are left without their mother when she goes off to Brazil to learn jiujitsu.

The bunnies, Flop, Biggie and Boingie, learn some hard truths about life pretty quick: squirrels will take over your cozy nest as soon as you leave and refuse to give it back, dogs are to be avoided at all costs and raccoons will believe anything you tell them.

With quick thinking, ingenuity and maybe a little bit of raccoon manipulation, these three buns will take on all comers to be the rulers of the park. Will they win?

Well, this IS an origin story . . .