Game Barrel of Monkeys

Game Barrel of Monkeys

  • $11.99

Create your own chain of wild monkeys with Monkey Barrels!

These little monkeys have gone crazy, and when you throw them all into a big pile, they all get tangled up with their arms. Can you pick up one monkey and then pick up another with the first monkey's arm? The challenge is great: grab a monkey by the arm and start forming a chain by grabbing another monkey with the arm of the last monkey in your chain. Keep adding monkeys to the chain in the same way. But be careful, the tension mounts with each added link! If a player has the misfortune to break the chain by dropping a monkey already hooked, the turn immediately passes to the next player. It's a game of dexterity, concentration and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat at every turn.

Includes : 

  • 15 monkeys (5 different colours)
  • 1 barrel
  • instructions