Game Classic Wood Cribbage Black&Gold

Game Classic Wood Cribbage Black&Gold

  • $19.99

This great classic is sure to delight the whole family!

This deluxe set includes a hardwood collapsible cribbage board, pegs, deck of cards, and a handy storage box. This great classic hasn't aged a bit and still remains one of the most popular card games in the English-speaking world. But none of this would have been possible without one of these unsung heroes of the 17th century: Sir John Suckling, knight, poet, playwright and inventor of the ''cribbidge''. This simple box set looks great and comes with everything you need to play: the rules, a high-quality Bicycle card deck, and a 38cm (14.7'') solid wood board that features painted scoring tracks. The dowels used to mark the points are stored in a drawer inside the tray.

  • Includes: wooden board, plastic pegs, deck of cards and game rules

6+ years