Game Kids Classics Jumbling Tower

Game Kids Classics Jumbling Tower

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Spin Master

Get ready! It’s the family-fun game you love to play.

Build the tower, but don’t be the one to make it fall or it’s game over in this Jumbling Tower game for kids from Spin Master Games! The object of the game is simple- Don’t make the tower fall! Play with 2 players or a whole party of people. Simply be the last player to successfully remove a block before the tower falls to win the game. This kids’ game has 48 classic real wood blocks in orange, blue, and natural wood color. Roll the die to decide a color. Remove a block of that color from anywhere on the tower except the top level. Once removed, place the block on the top of the tower in the right direction. Keep taking turns and playing until someone topples the tower! You may only use one hand when removing and placing blocks during the game. You may touch a block to see if it’s loose. If you move it while checking and don’t use it, put the block back in its original position. Jumbling tower makes the perfect easy board game for family night or games for kids 5 and up.

Includes :

  • 48 Wood Blocks
  • 1 Die

5+ years / 2+ players / 10 minutes

Long: 8 cm Width: 8 cm Height: 26 cm Weight: 4 kg