GraviTrax POWER Element Start & Finish

GraviTrax POWER Element Start & Finish

  • $114.99

Power up the fun with “GraviTrax POWER Elements Starter and Finish” and automatically send a new ball down the track as each one finishes!

A new ball should start as soon as the previous ball has run through the track and reached the finish? With the GraviTrax POWER Elements Starter & Finish this is no problem. The Starter and the Finish-Arena each hold up to 7 marbles. The two POWER elements of the marble run are connected via RF. As soon as a marble passes the two-part target, a new marble is sent onto the track! For even more action and many times longer running times.

GraviTrax is a flexibly expandable, interactive marble run system for children aged 8 and up: With GraviTrax, children, teenagers and adults don't just build simple marble runs. They create unique marble run worlds. By freely designing the marble tracks and exploring the rolling behavior of the marbles, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity can be experienced first-hand. The STEM sign on Ravensburger products signals a game category that allows science to be experienced through play. A perfect STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Through various expansions, children can enlarge their ball tracks and create new ones over and over again.

No warnings required.