HEXBUG Scorpion assortment -

HEXBUG Scorpion assortment -

  • $32.99


Watch out for the motorized creepy-crawly Scorpion!

This toy is designed to look like a real scorpion with its articulated legs, venomous tail, and menacing pincers. It can move autonomously and quickly forward with its six legs, creating the illusion of a real scorpion in motion. The Hexbug Scorpion is also equipped with sensory sensors that allow it to detect obstacles and change direction. It can also react to sounds and movements, making it even more realistic and fun to play with. Children can control the scorpion using the included remote control, making it move forward, backward, turn, and pinch. It is also easy to use and maintain, with a easily replaceable battery for hours of uninterrupted play. The Hexbug Scorpion is an excellent choice for children who love interactive robotic toys and science-fiction creatures.

Includes :

  • 1 Hexbug Scorpion

3x LR44 batteries included

Many different colors included in this assortment. Each sold separately, chosen randomly and depending on the availability. Product shown may differ from the actual picture. The assortment is subject to change without notice.

8+ years

Long: 15 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 11 cm