Howles Coyote 10"

Howles Coyote 10"

  • $31.99

Run wild with Howls the Coyote stuffed animal as he frolics across the nighttime landscape! This spirited creature is brought to life with rustic, black tipped faux fur materials that lend our prairie wolf an especially realistic look. Howls features a white bib that begins at his chin and runs down his chest and under his belly. His tapered snout and legs are depicted in rusty colored fabric to stay true to the colors and markings of his real life counterparts. Let yourself give in to the invitation of our plush Coyote’s bright eyes and engaging expression, Howls is a lively friend who’ll bring out your wild side!

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Weight6.6 oz

Dimensions10 × 5 × 10 in

Age 24 Months & Up