Julia Donaldson's Bowerbird (PB)

Julia Donaldson's Bowerbird (PB)

  • $17.99

The irresistible story of Bert, a little bowerbird with a big heart, who is looking for love. From the superstar picture book pairing of Julia Donaldson and Catherine Rayner.

Bert the bowerbird is looking for love. He has made the most perfect bower, complete with a pretty purple flower, and is hoping it will help him to meet the bird of his dreams. But when Nanette comes along, she is far from impressed. Poor Bert is hurt, and flies off to bring her presents a-plenty. But will it ever be enough, and is Nanette really right for Bert?

This beautifully illustrated treat of a book from the bestselling creators of The Go-Away Bird also contains information about real-life bowerbirds, native to Australia and Papua New Guinea, known for their courting rituals.

32 pg.