Juniper Nettle and the Seven Schools of Magic

Juniper Nettle and the Seven Schools of Magic

  • $17.99

When you've dreamed of getting into the Seven Schools of Magic your whole life, what do you do when it turns out to be the worst thing ever? This heartwarming graphic novel adventure is perfect for fans of Harry Potter, The Okay Witch, and City of Dragons!

For all of her twelve years, Jupiter Nettle has wanted to attend one of the Seven Schools of Magic. When she finally gets the call to take the entrance exam, she shocks everyone with her magic skills . . . but not in the way she'd hoped. Failing spectacularly in one test after another, Jupiter goes home dejected and confused. What will she do now? 

That night, Jupiter gets an unexpected visitor and, amazingly, another chance at the Seven Schools! But learning magic isn't what she expected it to be . . . the School of Earth Magic is looked down upon by others, it doesn't involve cool spells, and her teacher, Professor Grim, certainly lives up to his name. Jupiter works hard, but the doubts in her mind shake her confidence until she's ready to give up. Then an age-old enemy returns to exact revenge on the Seven Schools, leaving Jupiter to finally find the courage and magic that's been within her all along. 

This inclusive, beautifully illustrated graphic novel from the author of Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom is packed with action, heart, and plenty of magic.