Lines of Courage

Lines of Courage

  • $11.99

Jennifer A. Nielsen, author of A Night Divided and Rescue, artfully weaves together the stories of five kids living through World War I who each hold the key to each other’s futures... if they are lucky -- and brave -- enough to find each other.

World War I stretches its cruel fingers across Europe, where five kids feel war's scarcity and challenges in different ways.

Felix, from Austria-Hungary, wants the courage to fight against Jewish deportations before his own family can be taken.

Kara, from Britain, wants to be a Red Cross nurse.

Juliette, of France, hopes her family can remain knitted together in the face of the war's longest battle.

Elsa, from Germany, hopes her homing pigeon might one day bring her a friend among the chaos.

And Dimitri, of Russia, wants only to survive the front, where he's been sent with no weapon.

None of them will find exactly what they want. But the winds of fate may cross their paths to give each of them just what they need.