Little Chunkies: Animals in the Pond

Little Chunkies: Animals in the Pond

  • $17.99

A beautiful picture book with rhyming text introducing babies to the wonderful wildlife in ponds.

Take a trip to the pond with this interactive board book with rhyming text to help toddlers identify names and find their first words. 

From frogs on lily pads to turtles going for a swim, little ones will love discovering all the different animals and minibeasts that live in the pond. With raised elements on the page for fingers to follow and plenty of bright colors and patterns to point to, this is a hands-on introduction to pond-dwelling animals that children and adults alike will enjoy!

This giftable baby board book for 0-3 year olds offers:  

- 10 illustrated pages with bright colors and eye-catching patterns.
- Simple, age-appropriate rhyming text for reading aloud. Raised elements on the page for little ones to explore and touch.
- Baby-safe pages; this chunky board book has chew-proof pages and rounded edges to keep your little one safe as they learn new skills.

Ideal for 0-3 year olds, the beautiful and simple tactile book about pond life will entertain early learners, as they are introduced to all the creatures that make their home in a pond. The simple raised patterns that kids can touch and feel are great for babies to engage with, capturing their attention and sparking excitement. 

Complete the series! 

Little Chunkies: Animals in the Pond is a first baby book for early learners with a love of pond life and animals. Doubling up as a great baby gift, this animal storybook is bright and cheery with adorable illustrations on every page. Why not try other titles in the series, Little Chunkies: Animals in the Ocean, Animals in the Forest, Little Dinosaurs and Animals in the Wild!