Mapmakers #3  and the Flickering Fortress

Mapmakers #3 and the Flickering Fortress

  • $18.99

Alidade and her friends face their ultimate challenge in the final installment of the graphic fantasy trilogy that's perfect for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender and 5 Worlds.

With our heroes divided, they must find a way to stop the Night Coats and to reunite before it's all too late. With their freedom and the magic of the Memris on the line, each Mapmaker will have to decide — what is the future they want for their world? 

And what are they willing to pay to make it happen? 

This epic conclusion comes to an end as Alidade, Lewis, Blue, and their new friends and Mapmakers, finally take on the Night Coats who ruin any chance of hope for their homes and family. With dark magic and plenty of action, will Alidade be able to free everyone of the Night Coats?

The Mapmakers series: #1: Mapmakers and the Lost Magic, #2: Mapmakers and the Enchanted Mountain, #3: Mapmakers and the Flickering Fortress