Maverick Doberman (Dlux) 18"

Maverick Doberman (Dlux) 18"

  • $54.99

Sitting proudly at attention, Maverick, Douglas Toys' DLux plush Doberman, keeps an eye on all the goings on throughout the day. Maverick's elegant pose will catch the eye of fans of this handsome breed, while ultra soft black and tan fabrics make Douglas Toys' hound the cuddliest of guard dogs.

Airbrushed details add realism to the velvet textured lining of his upright ears and we've styled his nose with lifelike faux leather materials. Resilient polyester fill ensures Maverick will maintain his seated pose and serve as a huggable companion. With his attentive, bright eyed expression, Maverick the Doberman Pinscher stuffed animal will provide a reassuring presence that dog lovers are sure to find irresistible!

13x9x18 inches

Ages 2 and up