Monster's New Undies

Monster's New Undies

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Monster searches for the just-right pair of underwear in this hilarious, rhyming read-aloud!

THESE are my undies!

A sweet work of art!


My undies!

They just fell apart!

So WHAT if monster's undies are torn or the elastic's completely outworn? Sure, they are a little small but he is JUST FINE with them, thank you very much! But when his beloved undies fall apart, what's a little monster to do? Mommy monster will take him shopping of course... and it's not going to be easy to find the perfect pair!

With hilarious rhymes from the bestselling author of Crankenstein, Samatha Berger, and bright, irresistible illustrations from Tad Carpenter, this rollicking read-aloud will have little ones doing the undie dance!