My Book of Fossils

My Book of Fossils

  • $20.49

Unearth hidden fossils and unleash a new love for all things prehistoric!

Learn about the world’s primeval past through its fascinating and wonderful world of fossils. From glistening seashells and mammoth dinosaur teeth to delicate colorful flora, uncover a magnitude of treasures left behind to better understand our primitive past.

This intriguing fact-filled guide into ancient times will have you learning about where fossils come from and where they have been found. This primal book about earliest life includes:

   • A definitive guide to fossils, featuring 50 profiles of the most incredible discoveries in paleontology
   • A science-focused and fact-packed route into learning about prehistoric life
   • Top-quality photography to show fossils in fine detail and highlight key features
   • Age-appropriate with large pictures and clear text
   • Pronunciation guide for each fossil animal or plant name
   • Fact files for each featured fossil give the key information, such as size, time period and location

This engrossing children's book about fossils and dinosaurs is filled with all you need to know about ancient fossils as well as how to contain recently discovered species. It will help even the biggest fossils fans learn something brand new! This prehistoric book contains remarkably phenomenal photographs that can be studied in detail, as well as pronunciation guides to help with those tricky names.

Displayed into plants and animals, there are 50 key fossil profiles, including the beloved favorite dinosaur Triceratops and a magnitude of other remains, like fossil fish teeth. An easy-to-follow visual index provides a quick overview of all the key species in the book, so you can be well on your way to becoming a fossil expert. [more...]