My First Dinosaur Flash Cards

My First Dinosaur Flash Cards

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Go on an exciting adventure with your toddler through the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. 

Do you know which dinosaur was discovered first? What's the difference between the Edmontosaurus and the Megalosaurus? Which dragon had a feathery tail? These questions and many more get answered in these 17 fun-packed question-and-answer flashcards for young dinosaur fans. 

Explore the wonderful world of dinosaurs through these colorful flashcards:

   • Expertly designed to develop early language skills, boost information processing skills and help increase attention span.
   • Questions on the back of each card give parents and teachers talking points to keep children engaged.
   • Sturdy cards with child-friendly rounded corners for years of play. 
   • Bright, colorful illustrations capture the attention of young children. 
   • Simple questions about each dinosaur encourage little ones to think more deeply about what they have just heard.

Embark on an exciting adventure through prehistoric times while introducing your children to the world of dinosaurs. Kids will love the colorful images and engaging dinosaur facts and questions that encourage learning through play. 

Watch as your little one masters the names and facts of these 17 prehistoric beasts using these educational flashcards. This study and easy to transport box of flashcards will test your toddlers memory through simple questions while encouraging them to think more deeply about what they’ve just heard. 

Packed with vibrant images and engaging questions, this Flashcard collection is perfect for parents and teachers that want to make learning fun. Create the future explorers, information seekers and paleontologists of the world using My First Dinosaur flashcards.