My Very Important Lift-the-Flap Book: Animals

My Very Important Lift-the-Flap Book: Animals

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This lift-the-flap book encourages interactivity and introduces children to incredible facts about a variety of subjects.

Little learners can discover fun facts and information about their favorite subject on every page with this interactive lift-the-flap book series. Simple, age-appropriate questions are accompanied by lift-the-flaps which reveal the answer.

My Very Important Lift the Flap Book: Animals will transport children aged 3-5 to all sorts of wonderful locations, to meet elephants in Africa, caribou in the North American Arctic, and snow leopards in the desert landscapes of Mongolia and China. As they explore and lift the flaps on each page, little ones can watch a black bear go fishing, or see a boar taking a mud bath, or a beaver building a dam.

This exciting lift-the-flap book for kids offers:

- Fun facts and information about different types of animals and habitats for children aged 3-5.
- Visually exciting pages with fun, colorful illustrations and photographs that are appealing and age-appropriate for kids.
- An interactive learning experience through lifting the flaps and revealing information and images.
- Large and sturdy flaps which are safe for little hands to grab and lift.

Explore ten illustrated habitats with more than 100 animals and spot clear, real-world photographs of the animals resting, running, feeding, flying, and more, as they go about their lives in the wild. Then lift the flaps to find out more!

Children will love to lift and learn, developing their fine motor skills through tactile elements on every page whilst learning new facts about their favorite things. More than 80 flaps reveal the answers to facts that children can have fun guessing, or they can learn by lifting and revealing. 

22 pg