Robert Munsch's No Clean Clothes

Robert Munsch's No Clean Clothes

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A relatable, laugh-out-loud story about what happens when you run out of clean laundry.

Lacey never puts her clothes in the laundry hamper, until once morning she goes to get dressed for school she finds she has . . . no clean clothes!

Her mom tells Lacey to wear a shirt her grandma gave her — a weird one that says: “Kiss me, I’m perfect!” Lacey just knows the other kids are going to make fun of her.

On the way to school, Lacey meets a cat, a dog, and an eagle. They all read her T-shirt, then give her a kiss! Then she meets a moose, who gives her a large wet moose kiss, right up the front of her face and over the top of her head. Lacey is thrilled — maybe this shirt is wonderful, not weird! But when her classmate reads the shirt and gives her a peck on the cheek: YUCK! BOY KISS!

Robert Munsch wrote this story for a girl from Stewart, B.C., a place full of all the wildlife in the book! The day he visited the school there, the kids could not go out for recess because there were two grizzly bears on the playground. Lacey was in grade one and was wearing a t-shirt that said, “KISS ME, I’M PERFECT!” This classic Munsch tale is now reissued with a bright new cover design.