Orca / Killer Whale Adult

Orca / Killer Whale Adult

  • $14.99

Notorious for being one of the most ruthless predators in the world, Papo's Orca figurine is detailed with its signature black-and-white colour markings and easy recognisable dorsal fin (which in real life can measure up to 2 m high!); complete with a full set of realistic conical teeth for some full-on ferocity. Like all PAPO figurines, this Killer Whale is made from non-toxic plastic and is BPA and phthalate-free, and is the perfect first piece to kick start any aquatic play collection.


• Identity crisis alert! Contrary to its own name, the killer whale is not actually a whale but in fact, a dolphin! Yikes! It was originally nicknamed 'whale killer' by sailors after it was spotted killing whales; and over time, the name got reversed (together with its meaning).

• The Orca is an apex predator- meaning it's at the top of the food chain. Because of its size, strength, and notorious ferocity, it is not preyed on by any other sea creature in the ocean (not even the Humpbacks!).

• Is the Orca starting to scare you already? It should. Just to give you a lowdown on a typical Killer Whale diet, it eats anything that is meat, and that includes even great white sharks and of course, baby sperm whales and baby blue whales. They also eat moose swimming in the ocean and according to scientists, will eat polar bears if the opportunity comes up! Killer whales hunt in groups, so they have a high hunting success rate. (Teamwork isn't a myth, guys.)