Owl and Otter and the Big Yard Sale

Owl and Otter and the Big Yard Sale

  • $17.99

Join Owl and Otter as they have fun selling homemade treats, teaching children math skills and money.

Mini mathematicians will love following this funny, sweet-filled adventure that gently introduces them to simple addition and money skills.

Owl, Otter, and their friends are so excited to start selling their delicious cookies and bottles of lemonade. Everything is off to a great start until the friends begin muddling up how much customers need to pay. With more and more customers waiting and lots of numbers to add up, one disaster leads to another! But never fear - teamwork and Otter’s wiggly toes save the day…

This exciting early learning book for kids offers:

- A humorous, action-packed storyline combined with early-learning information about addition and counting money.
- An introduction for kids to earning and saving money from an early age.
- Illustrated characters that bring a playful element to learning about the topic of math and basic addition. 

With a helpful glossary covering everything from what terms such as supply and demand mean, to earning and saving money, Owl and Otter and the Big Yard Sale shows that you’re never too young or furry to learn about money. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's go and sell some lemonade and cookies!