Pikachu's First Friends

Pikachu's First Friends

  • $23.99

Meet cute Pokémon in a whole new way! This original illustrated storybook is perfect for moms and dads who want to introduce their little ones to the most beloved Pokémon of all time.

Pikachu sets out on a voyage of exploration! The little Pokémon is looking for a home. Then it lands on a mysterious island. Pikachu begins to explore. What new friends will it meet?

Join Pikachu in this heartwarming adventure as it discovers new places, foods, music, and most of all, friends! This original story will introduce Pokémon to a whole new generation of fans. With soft, whimsical art and a sweet, simple storyline, Pikachu's First Friends is sure to appeal to little children beginning their own journeys of friendship and discovery.

40 pg