Pokemon: Graphix Chapters - Underwater Mission

Pokemon: Graphix Chapters - Underwater Mission

  • $11.99

The adventure and humor of the Pokémon animated TV series springs to life in this full-color comics collection!

Dive in to two action-packed adventures!

Kids who love Pokémon won't want to miss this cool comic compilation! This book includes two full-color graphic stories.

The Search for Kingdra: Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon pals explore under the sea on a trial mission for Project Mew. Can Goh catch a wild Kingdra?

Team Rocket In Luck: After one loss too many, Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet go on a wild chase after Pelipper. Will their bad luck ever improve?

With tons of art on every page from the animated show streaming on Netflix, this graphic novel is the perfect format for Pokémon fans.