Poop Attack 2

Poop Attack 2

  • $10.99

Do you poop? You know you doo-doo. So do animals and we've got the proof in Poop Attack 2! The even more amazing game about animal business that's full of fun facts and stats from blue whales to dust mites. If you have plans to be a tracker, this game will be immensely helpful in your pursuit of a job. And if you just have time on the toilet to spare, this could be a fun one to shuffle through as you stack the deck in your favour for your next attack on an under educated poop connoisseur. Show your friends what you're made of, or what these animals make. Are you ready to be a Poop Pro? Let's go!

Contents: 54 stunning poop cards, toilet paper not included.


Ages: 8+
Game Type:

  • Cards & Dice
  • Counting
  • Educational
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Science & Nature
  • Travel