Predator vs. Prey: How Snakes and Other Reptiles Attack!

Predator vs. Prey: How Snakes and Other Reptiles Attack!

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Does your child love to find out what makes top reptile predators experts at hunting? They will be staggered at the variety of techniques snakes and other scaly creatures use to bring down their prey!

Puff adders lure in victims with a worm-like tongue, anacondas can squeeze the life out of their prey, crocodiles clamp their jaws around their prey and then drown it and cobras rely on powerful venom. Different techniques and adaptations are examined in detail, showing how reptile predators are perfectly suited to their habitat and to the prey they pursue.

Each spread has dramatic photographs and looks in detail at one mammal predator and focuses on its primary weapon, such as fangs, strength or ambush. The prey animal shows us how it attempts to evade certain death, whether through camouflage, a speedy retreat or safety in numbers. Stat panels give readers a quick overview of how predator and prey stack up against each other.

Predators are awe-inspiring. Whether they are fast, strong, armed with claws or teeth, cunning, patient or venomous, they are all masters of the art of killing their prey. Young readers will love the Predator Vs Prey series with its amazing photographs and the details about super-senses or incredible adaptations. These books also highlight the variety of life on Earth and reinforces how animals are adapted to their habitats.

Suitable for readers aged 7+ who are either fascinated by wildlife or are studying natural history or animal adaptations or classification.