Prehistoric Worlds: Stomp Into the Epic Lands Ruled by Dinosaurs

Prehistoric Worlds: Stomp Into the Epic Lands Ruled by Dinosaurs

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Enter the prehistoric world for an incredible four-billion year journey in this book for young history and dinosaur enthusiasts.

Take children on a fascinating journey through history, showing them how and where their favorite dinosaurs came to exist, and how events from billions of years ago are still affecting our natural world today.

Packed with dynamic historical content, Prehistoric Worlds combines illustrations and photos to help young historians aged 7-9 learn all about the period that shaped our planet. Meet favorite dinosaurs, from the terrifying T.Rex to the spiky stegosaurus; nurture your inner paleontologist by learning about prehistoric plant and animal fossils; and discover destructive extinction events that changed the world forever.

Inside this dinosaur book for children, you’ll find: 

- A wide range of prehistoric life and its chronology, including plants and animals from this period, and the continental shifts that shaped our world today.
- Information on natural history written by palaeontologist and scientist Ashley Hall.
- Illustrations and expert CGI imagery showing different types of dinosaur species.

Plants flourish, birds evolve, and dinosaurs charge across the pages of this lively and colorful book. From oceans teeming with life to destructive asteroids, children will discover the incredible timeline of prehistoric life that resulted in the world we recognize today.