Princess Truly Picks a Pumpkin

Princess Truly Picks a Pumpkin

  • $7.99

Take a magical trip to the pumpkin patch with Princess Truly and her magical, sparkling curly hair!

Join favorite character Princess Truly and her dog, Sir Noodles, on a trip to the pumpkin patch! Princess Truly wants to find a marvelous pumpkin that is extra special. But all the pumpkins in the patch are ordinary, orange and round! With a shake of her magical, sparkling curls, Princess Truly creates a pumpkin that is just-right: a RAINBOW pumpkin!

Told in sweet rhyming text and with adorable illustrations, Princess Truly Picks a Pumpkin is the perfect fall story for your little one!

Princes Truly books promote messages of empowerment, confidence, and a positive self-image. Collect them all!